Friday, December 11, 2009

Love Hurtz:[

Love hurts when you wait for so long and all of a sudden like the wind, they’re gone…

Love hurts when you gave it a second chance, but it didn't work out
now all you can do is sit while your heart screams and shout…

Love hurts when you've prayed and prayed but still he went away..

Love hurts when you try to figure how something so good, and why the hell went wrong..

Love hurts when you had so many talks to work things out and
realizing that it did no good, now you wondering what was the relationship all about..

Love hurts when you've cried and cried morning, noon, and till night

Love hurts when you think you could have only given it a second chance and try with all of your might…

Love hurts when you finally gave up and dare to love again
because the one you truly love made you feel like your entire life has come to an end…

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