Friday, June 17, 2011

Alay kay Itay

When I was in kinder you were the ones who fetch me after my class and I can’t forget the first time you scolded me when we were on our way home since my teacher told you that I punch my classmate during the recess time. I was so mad at you then to the point that I did not go out to my room for dinner and throw all my pillows then you knocked in my room telling me that I should prepare because we will be having our dinner at Jollibee so, what I felt easily vanished because of it (silly girl!). After our dinner Mama talked to me and let me promised that I won’t do it again and so I did (since Mama told me that you are so disappointed because on what I did). When I was in elementary and until in my high school you were still the one who fetch me even though I told you that I can manage to go home by myself. Ever since I was young you always makes me feel that I am special and that I can always do it but I never heard you complimenting me for a job well done may it on my studies or on my sport but instead you’ll be telling me that the compliments that I am having won’t matter but it’s a matter of how you do it in achieving what you have. I used to cry every time you reprimand me on the things that I am doing and the things I wanted to have, but every time you see me crying you will immediately approached me and tell me that you will treat me and Mom to Jollibee or often you will give Mom the money so I would have what I wanted to buy. I used to think that you didn’t appreciate what I am doing but to my surprise during my commencement day you hugged me tight and told me how proud you are and thankful having me as your daughter and I really appreciate it pa. Ever since before you really made me feel that I am a princess that can have all I wanted. Your word became the rules that I have to follow but later on you will let me decide on my own and tell me that you and Mama will be always there to support me. Ever since before I am a confessed Papa’s girl--- Where ever you are they will also find me there 
Papa, you are the ones who taught me the real things about life. You are the ones who taught me on becoming strong (since according to you crying won’t help me solve my problem). In my 19 years of existence, you became my mentor, my adviser and My Best Buddy (especially in sports), a good friend and My Dad. Happy Fathers Day Papa! I Love You so much <3 <3 <3