Monday, March 8, 2010


“When you really love someone you must not expect any return of your actions and doings”
But what if you’re doing too much and anything for the person that you loved but then that person really cannot appreciate what you are doing, will you still stick with this saying?
I did not expect that I would also experience what did my friends experienced before.
Doing extra effort just to make the one they loved happy. Well, before, I used to laugh out loud when my friends will share the things that they have done in the name of love. Every time I do that my friends especially my best friend will told me that, “time will come you will also experienced what we are experiencing right now”. Instead of stopping myself from laughing but in return I will laugh loudly and tell them that “that the least thing that will happen to me”.
But unexpectedly the least thing that I expected to happen with me now really happened. Unexpectedly without my permission I fell in in-love. Yes, I did I fell in-love to the guy which I know cannot love me back, cannot give me the same feelings that I am offering to him.
Yes, I know it will hurt me and not just an ordinary wound but the scar will always remain not just in my mind but also in my bleeding heart.
I know I cannot teach my heart thus, I really need to accept that right now I am falling in-love with the wrong person. I need to accept that indeed I am falling in-love with my friend.
I really did not expect this to happen but what can I do I just wake up one day thinking of him, dreaming of him and in-love with him.